Complete Carp Fishing Setup in Woking, Surrey for sale

Complete Carp Fishing Setup

3x Shimano Hyperloop Rods, 2.25 TC
3x Fox MK2 Swingers
3x Shimano Baitrunner 10000XTE
Solar Goal Posts
3x Delkim Alarms
1x Delkim TX2004 Receiver
Fox Evolution Bivvy
JRC Cocoon Bedchair
Fox Excel Chair
Trakker Sleeping Bag
Fox Box
Chub 3x Rod Bag
Rigs Bag
Coleman Unleaded 2 Burner Dual Fuel Stove and including bag
Landing Net Pole
Fox Unhooking Mat
Trakker Weighing Sling
Reuben Heaton scales, blue glow in dark face
Avon Dial Scales
Lots of terminal tackle including braid in the Fox Box
Hi, I’m selling all my carp fishing tackle as I never go and need the space.
All the above kit is in really good condition with the exception of the following:
I’m missing the front of the bivvy as it was devoured by a mouse. The main part of the bivvy is untouched and in great condition. Missing the pegs though.
There is no landing net (another victim of ‘mousegate’) hence me advertising just the pole. There are a few teeth marks in the rigs bag, nothing major.
There is a small crack on the corner of the fox box.
Lastly the rubber stoppers have come off the MK2 swingers, they still swing, the stoppers just need replacing.
Other than that the photos should speak volumes…give me a call with any questions/offers.
£850 ONO